1860’s Hair Roll

Here is another hairstyle perfect for any reenactment or historical play.


The great thing is that if your hair is shoulder length or longer, you can easily do this hairstyle.  All you will need is a comb and LOTS of bobby pins and hair pins.

Start with hair parted in the middle.


Next twist or braid the front sides of your hair.  I prefer to twist mine, but do whatever you feel is more flattering to your face.


Place a line of bobby pins in a straight horizontal line just above where your neck and your head meet.   This line of pins will allow your vertically inserted pins to be locked in place and not move.


Then you begin rolling and pinning your hair.  You can either do this in sections or in one big piece.  Just keep pinning all your hair up.


And keep pinning!


And once you  are happy with how it looks you are done!  You can add some pretty combs or any other appropriate hair accessory.


My hair was just washed and had a little wave in it…if your hair is very straight, you can get your hair as smooth as this…




Be patient with this look…it may take a few times to get, but it is such a unique hairstyle!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

4 thoughts on “1860’s Hair Roll

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  2. Kathleen

    I have super fine and thin hair. I need to reenact regency era. I was told I’d benefit from a hair rat. It is also shoulder length. what would you suggest?

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