How to make a tassel.

In the spirit of trims, I decided that I would create a tutorial on how to make a tassel.  They are SOOO easy to make and are wonderful to attach to skirts, sleeves, reticules, bonnets….etc.  Once you figure out how to make one, you can create ones in different sizes or thickness!

Alright, let’s get started!

For the tassel you will need: embroidery floss (available at craft stores or sewing supply stores), and scissors.


Pull off the wrappers, but keep the thread in the same position.  You will also need to pull out one of the ends from the thread.  Pull carefully.  You will need a piece twice as long as the main thread length.


Cut this piece.


Then cut this piece of thread into two pieces: one longer than the other.


Take the shorter piece and tie it in the middle of the thread.  Knot several times.  This is the string you will use to attach it to whatever you want…make it as long as needed.


Then take the main amount of thread and fold it in half.  Take one end of the longer piece of string and wrap it around the top portion of the thread (about 1/2 inch from the middle.)  Knot several times but be sure to leave enough length to make more knots.


Wrap the longer string around several times and then tie with the other loose string.  Knot several times.  Trim the excess thread with the scissors.


Then trim the ends to whatever length you want and…VOILA… a tassel!!



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