1860’s Blue Floral Day Dress

Last week I decided to make a new curtain for one of the doorways that is in my sewing studio. I went to the fabric store and found this beautiful white fabric with blue roses scattered all over it! I loved it and made the curtain. Well, I had about a yard and a half left over and realized how beautiful this fabric would look as a dress. I proceeded to quickly make up a bodice of the leftover fabric and was very pleased with how it turned out…so pleased, in fact, that I ran back to the fabric store and picked up another six yards to complete the dress.

For this gown I am using the Peachtree Mercantile Pattern #206. I love this company and this pattern because the pattern pieces are sturdy, clearly marked, and color coded. In addition, the pattern comes with a beautifully spiraled booklet with instructions and backnotes.

I followed the pattern exactly (which is rare…I usually tweak something) and have completed the bodice. I have made this pattern many times before and am always pleased with how it turns out.
For the following pictures I just draped fabric down the front so one could see how it would look with the skirt.
Don’t you just love the horseshoe cuffs?

Oh and the few items I ordered for my reenactment came in the other day!

I purchased all these items at Abraham’s Lady. I have shopped there before (not only online but also in her brick and mortar shop) and am always pleased.
I am still waiting for my new shoes…which I am rather excited about…they are cream!!!
Alright, well have a wonderful Sunday!

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