1860’s Braid and Twist Hairstyle

Well I did try to create the hairstyle from the picture..

…and it was rather hard. My hair is just a few inches too short for this look. I still went ahead and took pictures so for those of you out there who have long enough hair can try it!
Soooo for this look you will need: pins, hair ties, and a comb.

Start with hair down and parted in the middle.

Then pin the front sections of your hair behind your ears to give the front a smooth look. Try your best to keep this whole look as smooth as possible. I had some teasing in my hair and as a result, my hair isn’t as smooth as it should be!

Then make two medium size braids on either side of your hair and secure with hair ties.

Attach each braid over the top of your head with pins. Eventually you can pull off the hair ties and then secure the ends under the braids. This is where my hair just isn’t quite long enough.

Then take the rest of your hair and create twists or buns. Secure with pins and then insert decorative hair combs!

Since my hair isn’t long enough for this hairstyle I am going to try one more to see if I can find one I like!Enjoy your weekend!!

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