Reenactment Inspiration

When you suffer from O.C.D., it is easy to see how one can become consumed with one’s hobby. Now I’m not trying to say that I am some kind of nutcase who can’t do anything else but think about reenactment clothing (although it is kind of close to the truth) but I have been struggling trying to find the right look for my next reenactment. I am a perfectionist…and I am a stickler for authenticity. I like to have an idea in my head of who I am trying to interpret and why. I have a rather stressful “real job” and I use this outlet to “forget” about life for a while and pretend I am someone else…if only for a few hours.
So when it comes to creating the perfect ensemble I have to make sure that all parts of my outfit are ready. So here is my so far completed checklist:
Undergarments: Check! See 1860’s Corset for the picture!
Petticoats and Hoop Skirt: Check!
Drawers: Not yet….
Outfit: uhhhhhhhh……nope
Hat: uhhhhhhhh… double nope
Hair: ummmmmm…I think you can see where this is going. I’m getting there…

Well, on my nightly search through pinterest…I came across this picture.

Don’t ask my why, but she spoke to me. I saw her and her outfit and thought “Bingo!” Love her hair, love her earrings, love her outfit….pretty much love everything. Soooo now comes the fun task of trying to recreate this look!!!
Oh so since the picture doesn’t show her hat…..what do you think? Straw? Spoon bonnet? Let me know!!!

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