1860’s Corset

Well for the reenactment I am attending in August I needed to make a new corset. I wanted something that was a bit more secure and more durable. I used the Past Patterns Mid-Century Stays for this corset and am very pleased with how it turned out.
Here’s what I did…
I first cut out the pieces using a medium weight, white cotton and transfered all markings.
Then I put in all the gores…which took quite a while. I also made sure to topstitch all the seams as well.
I then put together the lining with the face pieces and made the casings for the busk and stays. I also made the eyelets for the back lacing.
I used shoelace string..about five yards worth…to lace up the back.
And voila…a corset!
I do have a few things to tweak on the bust gores…but overall it came out great! OH and I did finish the brown and tan gown! This picture is very dark but in person it looks great! Its now for sale on my Etsy shop!
Have a great rest of your day!!

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