Beauty Through the Ages
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1860’s Braided Hairstyle

Alright..time for hairstyle number two! I decided to try a braided look that is along the same principles of the previous hairstyle.

To complete this look all you need are bobby pins and a comb.
First start off with your hair down and parted in the middle. My hair has some texture in it, but this look would work on any type of hair.

Divide your hair into three parts and braid the middle section. Take the middle braid and create a bun. Pin into place.

Then braid the two side pieces. Take one side braid and wrap under the bun, pinning the ends underneath the other side braid. Repeat with the other side braid only go over the middle bun. Pin into place. Try to pin as many flyaways and ends as possible.


And that’s it! Stay tuned for more hairstyles! If you see a favorite I should use, make sure and let me know!

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