19th Century Living History Membership Welcome Page


I am so glad you are here!

As someone who has loved history, long dresses, and sewing since I was a very little girl, sharing this passion with you is truly a dream come true!   I remember when I first started historical sewing, connecting with other like minded souls was very difficult.  Except for a few blogs, there was very little and it, at times, felt lonely.  Fast forward fifteen years later, thanks to social media and a new surge in appreciation for historical living and fashion, there has never been a better time to connect with others in this community.

Sewing has always been the major driving force in my life.  It has offered me something that is hard to put into words, but combine that with my love of history and the two were a match made in heaven.  When I opened Aimee’s Victorian Armoire officially in 2013 and began my blog of the same name, I thought I had found my outlet.  My way to share.  I wrote on a wide variety of topics and loved the way I connected with others.  But it wasn’t until I was working on my own living history personas and struggling to find some sort of cohesive plan, that I had the idea to create this membership.  Yes, I could sew and make anything I needed.  Yes, I knew the types and styles of clothing to make…but what about bonnets?  What about logistics of getting to an event?  How was I to stay warm or dry during unpredictable weather?  And for goodness sake, how do I ( and women one the 19th century) go to the bathroom wearing six layers?

Enter the 19th Century Living History Membership.

With having all that vital information  – the how, what, when, where, and why, in one convenient place, I could help others struggling as well.  So whether you are here for the sewing, the living history, the interest, or all of it, welcome!

I hope you feel a little less lost, a little less confused, and a whole lot excited.


Make sure to watch the following video on how to navigate through your membership and find out all that it has to offer!

And as always, please email me if you have any questions!  Email – aimeevictorianarmoire@gmail.com